Release notes: Alta Aware 5.8.4

Last modified: Wednesday May 24, 2023.

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About this release

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Installing this release will upgrade Alta Aware® and Alta Aware Cloud® video management systems, and, if needed to maintain feature compatibility, any Avigilon Ava cameras associated with your deployment.

These software packages have been released to the Stable Upgrade Channel:

Release label Release date Software build number
Alta Aware software version 5.8.4 Wednesday May 24, 2023 Alta Aware: 5_8_230523_17235
Avigilon Ava camera software version 5.8.4 Wednesday May 24, 2023 Avigilon Ava cameras: 5_8_230523_20596

What's new

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In this release, Alta Aware provides the following features:

Feature Description Added in version
Share Video view with specific users

When configuring a Video view, you can choose to share it with specific users.

See: How to: Create your Video views

Trigger Rules per object

Configure rules so that they trigger each time that an object is detected.

How to: Create rules for appearance
How to: Create rules for line-crossing
How to: Create rules for loitering

European region for Avigilon Alta access control system integrations

Alta Aware supports the new European region for Avigilon Alta access control system integrations.

About: Alta Aware integration with Avigilon Alta access control systems
How to: Add Alta Access systems to Alta Aware

Enable RTSP and RTSPS controls for Avigilon Ava Cloud cameras

Avigilon Ava Cloud cameras now support sending a local RTSPS stream. This can be enabled and disabled independently from the existing RTSP option.

See: How to: Configure Avigilon Ava cloud camera RTSP streams

Improved audit logging

The audit logging has been updated to now also log the start and end times for when a user is viewing live footage. You can view or download audit logs for Configuration events or Viewing events.

See: How to: View or download Aware audit logs

Improvements in editing external viewers

Provide operators with permission to edit external viewers. Additional user groups can be given the permission to edit external viewers without needing to have the permission to edit all users. The Manage external viewers permission, located in the Users > User groups > System permissions > Users options, enables operators to create a new one time password for the external viewer.

See: How to: Create User groups

New License Plate Recognition (LPR) permissions

Provide operators with permissions to search for LPR-based events. The View LPR list contents and Manage license plate lists permission are included in the Users > User groups > System permissions > Rules options.

See: How to: Create User groups

Webhook improvements

You can now access and configure webhooks from Rules , without navigating through individual rule settings.

See: How to: Create webhooks to send Aware notifications

Renew incoming webhook URLs

Sensor integrations to Alta Aware use webhooks from the sensors to ingest information into Aware. You can now update the webhook URL for existing sensor integrations.

How to: Renew the webhook URL for Disruptive Technologies sensors
How to: Renew the webhook URL for IPVideo Corporation Halo sensors
How to: Renew the webhook URL for generic sensor integrations

Improvements to Wall cutting on Advanced Field of View (Advanced FoV) When configuring Advanced Field of View for your cameras, Alta Aware now better interacts with walls drawn on Map view, to help prevent people or vehicle dots being drawn in incorrect locations. 5.8.3
Deep link to video from Devices

You can now manually create a URL to enable other system users to view video from a specific device at a specific time.

How to: Create URLs that link to video at a specific time

API to show domains to add to firewall allow list

For networks where you cannot use wildcard firewall configurations, you can interrogate the Alta Aware API to create a list of the currently-used domains.

See: Ports used by Alta Aware


Resolved issues

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These issues have been resolved in this release:

Reference Resolution Resolved in version
17270 An issue where renaming a webhook with the payload type set to JSON changed the payload type to plain text has been resolved. 5.8.4
17243 An issue where, in some rare circumstances, Aware could not access cameras and became unresponsive has been resolved. 5.8.4
17147 An issue where, in Aware, Avigilon Flex cameras could be incorrectly reported as DHCP disconnected has been resolved. 5.8.4
17135 An issue where, in some circumstances, a Cloud Connector might not correctly restart the analytics processing has been resolved. 5.8.4
17072 An issue where Avigilon Ava Dome cameras could become out-of-focus after going offline has been resolved. 5.8.4
16856 An issue where, in some rare circumstances, Alta Aware deployments could be slow to load video, or other information, has been resolved. 5.8.4
16836 An issue where RTSP address information was not displayed in the Alta Aware user interface has been resolved. 5.8.4
16409 An issue where, in some circumstances, a Cloud Connector went offline and required rebooting has been resolved. 5.8.4
15202 An issue where the First Time Setup tutorial could launch when adding a camera to a new deployment has been resolved. 5.8.4
16913 An issue where, in some circumstances, Avigilon Ava cameras might show instability and enter Recovery mode has been resolved. 5.8.3
16779 An issue where you could not export footage from Onvif cameras that is stored in the Avigilon Alta cloud has been resolved. 5.8.3
16764 An issue where Avigilon Ava 360 cameras could show a yellow cast in some situations has been improved. 5.8.3
16761 An issue where, when viewing pop-out Video view screens, refreshing the screens could cause the pop-out views to close or to stop updating has been resolved. 5.8.3
16744 An issue where Alta Aware could not view the RTSP streams from some Samsung Techwin cameras has been resolved. 5.8.3
16733 An issue where attempting to view Devices > Detailed information for a disconnected camera caused you to be logged out of the Alta Aware user interface has been resolved. 5.8.3
16725 An issue where the Triggered Alarm field did not always show correctly in Events > License Plate has been resolved. 5.8.3
16523 An issue where, for some third-party cameras, Alta Aware incorrectly reset the camera Type has been resolved. 5.8.3
16287 An issue where including white space after your username caused issues logging in has been resolved. 5.8.3
13354 An issue where the timezone was incorrectly calculated when generating the count information to include in exported .csv files has been resolved. 5.8.3
12738 An issue where heatmaps could be incorrectly positioned in Map view has been resolved. 5.8.3
12359 An issue where attempting to view RTSP streams resulted in the streams freezing after 1 minute has been resolved. 5.8.3

Software releases might include minor bug fixes that are not listed in the Resolved issues table.

Known issues

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During testing, we have found the following issues in these software packages:

Reference Issue Software

Issue: As the localized text in the Aware user interface is added, there may be instances where some English terms still appear in the translated versions, or where the translated text might not correctly fit or align within the user interface design.

Email if you can suggest any improvements for the translations.

Alta Aware

16626 Issue: In some situations, any configured line counts could reset to zero after an system upgrade. Alta Aware
16234 Issue: In some environmental situations, Avigilon Ava Bullet cameras might display some flickering and banding. Avigilon Ava cameras
16184 Aware now correctly saves the images used in loitering, line-crossing, and appearance rules. However, for older searches before this issue was resolved, you might need to re-upload the image to use for the loitering, line-crossing, or appearance search. Alta Aware
15566 Issue: The Counts tool might take some time to update with count data. Alta Aware
14427 Issue: For the Avigilon Ava Quad camera, you can configure the IR settings for each source, when they should be per device. This means that whichever source you use to make the final IR configuration settings is the one that is used, and the settings for the other sources are ignored. Avigilon Ava Quad

Issue: If the Flex LED brightness is turned up, and the camera is placed close to a reflective surface, then the camera may oscillate between day and night mode.

Workaround: Either reposition the camera, or reduce the LED brightness.

Avigilon Ava Flex

Issue: When adding third-party cameras to Aware using the Automatic protocol option, Aware might not be able to successfully add the camera.

Workaround: If a third-party camera fails to be added correctly, try again using the Onvif protocol option.

Alta Aware
Due to changes to the way audio is recorded and replayed:
  • Users of the Alta Aware mobile app for Android version 2.9.0 and earlier will hear the audio recorded from Aware 5.0.3 and later at a higher volume than before.
  • Users of the Alta Aware mobile app for Android version 2.9.1 and later will hear the audio recorded from Aware 4.9.7 and earlier at a lower volume than before.
Alta Aware mobile app for Android
13171 Issue: If you export the footage from an alarm that includes audio, the clip might stutter when switching between uninteresting and interesting video on some video players. Alta Aware
12274 Issue: If you export a video clip that includes audio recordings, the volume of the audio is very low. Alta Aware
12255 Issue: You cannot currently associate an Avigilon Ava camera connected to one Cloud Connector with a third-party camera with inbuilt or connected speaker attached to another Cloud Connector, or associate an Avigilon Ava Cloud camera with a speaker. Alta Aware
12196 Issue: In some circumstances, a camera may lose its overlay settings during an upgrade and the overlay might not show until you have toggled it off and then re-enabled it. Alta Aware
11515 Issue: When you edit any of the counts, for example, to add a new camera to an existing counts area, when you save the changes, the counts are briefly set to 0, before displaying the correct counts total. Alta Aware
10410 Issue: When you export video that includes footage that switches from one resolution to another, there is a small gap between the sections of video. Alta Aware
10087 Issue: When you apply a maximum streaming quality to cameras connected to an Ava Cloud Connector, the setting is ignored, and the maximum available resolution is used. Alta Aware
General Issue: If third-party cameras do not support the multiple streams or the GOP profiles required by the Aware video management system, these incompatibilities might impact the accuracy of the Ava analytics. Alta Aware