Release notes: Ava video security systems 4.1.8

Last modified: Monday September 27, 2021.

Learn about new features, bug fixes, and any issues found in testing for the Ava video security systems software.


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About this release

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This Ava video security system release includes software for the:

  • Ava Aware™ and Ava Aware Cloud™ video management systems
  • Ava Cameras and Ava Cloud Cameras

Table 1 – Software release details

Release label Release date Software build number
Ava Aware/Ava Aware Cloud software version 4.1.8 Monday September 27, 2021 Ava Aware: 4_1_210927_11476
Ava Cameras/Ava Cloud Camera software version 4.1.8 Monday September 27, 2021 Ava Cameras: 4_1_210927_14379

These software packages have been released to the Stable Upgrade channel.

What's new

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In this release, Ava Aware provides the following features to the Stable Upgrade channel:

Table 2 – New features in these releases

Feature Description Added in version:
Cloud Connector updates

You can now log in to your Cloud Connectors using a local user account.

About: Local Ava Cloud Connector user interface
How to: Manually generate new credentials for your Cloud Connector
How to: Log into your local Cloud Connector user interface

Automatic rotation of Ava Camera passwords

For your Ava Cameras connected to your Ava Cloud Connectors, you now have options for setting your camera credentials.

How to: Configure credential options for your Ava Cameras
How to: Log into your local Ava Camera user interface

Cloud Connector updates

Improvements and updates have been made to the Ava Cloud Connector software. These include being able to define where a webhook is sent from — either from the cloud, or from the device (Cloud Connector or camera).

How to: Create webhooks to send Aware notifications

Aware Camera Proxy

A new version of the Ava Aware Camera Proxy is now available.

The Aware Camera Proxy includes support for two-factor authentication (2FA), Ava Cloud Connectors and clustered systems.

About: Ava Aware Camera Proxy
How to: Use the Aware Camera Proxy to access 3rd-party cameras

Configure rules to trigger as Events or Alarms

You might not want an alarm raised each time a rule triggers. You can now configure Rules to raise an event, rather than an alarm.

About: Aware Events page
How to: Review Events created by Aware
How to: Create rules for appearance
How to: Create rules for line-crossing
How to: Create rules for loitering
How to: Create rules by importing from search history
How to: Create rules for Counts
How to: Create rules for anomaly detections

Filter your list of alarms

You can filter the list of alarms to only show those for which you are included in the Pop-up or Email options in the rule configuration.

How to: Review Alarms created by Aware

Create counting rules for vehicle types

You can now create Counts rules by vehicle type (2 wheeled, Small/Medium vehicle, Large vehicle, or Unknown type).

How to: Create live counts of objects in view
How to: Create counts of objects that cross a line

Temporarily disable a rule

There may be situations where you do not want a rule to trigger. You can now temporarily disable a rule for a defined time period.

How to: Pause a rule

New audio anomaly type and updates to anomaly settings

The new audio anomaly model includes detection of unusual levels of sound in the areas around your Ava Cameras. These detections are shown in the Events | Anomalies page.

You can now configure the Anomaly Detection Settings for your Ava Cameras to include the Audio detection models.

How to: Configure anomaly settings for your cameras

Nedap access control integration

You can integrate your Ava Aware video management system and Nedap access control systems.

Aware integration with Nedap AEOS

Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) for multisensor devices You can now control the (PTZ) settings for the individual sources of multisensor cameras. 4.1.4
Changes to audit logs

The Ava Aware 4.1.0 release adds new categories of information in the audit logs. You can also download the Audit logs.

How to: View or download Aware audit logs

Changes in the Users page

Improvements to the Users page include the addition of more information, and an easier way to see the permissions and 2FA settings for each user group.

About: Aware Users tool


Resolved issues

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These issues have been resolved in this release:

Table 3 – Issues resolved in these releases

Reference Resolution Resolved in version:

A vulnerability has been resolved in Ava Aware.

Ava Support - Video Security Advisories

10268 An issue where an Ava Camera could restart due to an anomaly detection has been resolved. 4.1.8
10154 An issue where authentication to some third-party cameras was failing has been resolved. 4.1.8
10238 An issue that caused Aware Cloud 4.1.6 systems to have failed backups has been resolved. 4.1.7
10212 An issue where, when you edited an existing webhook, if you made changes to any setting apart from the Sending Method this caused the method to be set to From cloud has been resolved. 4.1.6
10211 An issue where, if you had a rule that included a webhook and you edited that webhook, the rule did not update correctly has been resolved. 4.1.6

A vulnerability has been resolved in Ava Aware.

Ava Support - Video Security Advisories


A vulnerability has been resolved in Ava Aware.

Ava Support - Video Security Advisories

10114 An issue where, in some rare circumstances, some cameras connected to Ava Cloud Connectors might stop recording has been resolved. 4.1.5
9988 An issue where, with Openpath integrations, when Ava Aware upgraded, you had to remove and re-add your access control points has been resolved. 4.1.4
9889 An issue where, when selecting the 123 Counts info layer from the maximized Devices page, the timeline was not updated with counts information has been resolved. 4.1.4
9855 An issue in Aware version 4.1.0 where you were unable to log into your Cloud Connectors using their local user accounts has been resolved. 4.1.4
9838 An issue where bounding boxes were not being displayed correctly after a rule ended has been resolved. 4.1.4
9830 An issue where, after logging into your Ava Cloud Connector using the local user account, the user interface took some time to update with information relating to your system has been resolved. 4.1.4
9827 An issue where an Ava Compact Dome camera was recording and triggering rules when set to inactive has been resolved. 4.1.4
9809 An issue where, on the Aware user interface for Ava Dome™ cameras, the auto-rotation controls did not properly display or function has been resolved. 4.1.4
9797 An issue where you could not use two-factor authentication (2FA) to log into your Ava Cloud Connector has been resolved. 4.1.4
9791 An issue where, occasionally, when you attempted to download audio snippets, no sound files were downloaded has been resolved. 4.1.4
9763 The Aware user interface has been updated to remove the Forgot password option when using rotating local user account credentials. 4.1.4
9577 An issue where, in some circumstances, your might not see the live timeline activities from cameras connected to different cluster groups has been resolved. 4.1.4
9468 An issue where you could not add cameras to access control points associated with Cloud Connectors has been resolved. 4.1.4
9334 An issue where you could create counting areas across different sites, leading to irregularities in your counts has been resolved. 4.1.4
8867 An issue where, if a user enabled two factor authentication (2FA) for their profile, and subsequently an administrator reset that users 2FA, then 2FA is disabled rather than the user being prompted on their next log in to again set up 2FA has been resolved. 4.1.4

Software releases might include minor bug fixes that are not listed in the Resolved issues table.

Known issues

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During testing, we have found the following issues in these software packages.

Table 4 – Known issues found in these releases

Reference Issue Software
10288 Issue: For deployments with large numbers of Ava Cloud Cameras, data might be pruned despite there being unused storage available on the cameras. Ava Cloud Cameras

Issue: When editing an existing webhook, making changes to any setting apart from the Sending Method causes the method to be set to From cloud.

Workaround: After making all other changes to the webhook, save the changes, and then re-edit the webhook to set the Sending Method to From Ava devices if this is the method required.

Aware Cloud

Issue: If you have a rule that includes a webhook and you edit that webhook, the rule might not be updated correctly.

Workaround: Delete the existing rule, and recreate a new rule with your required changes.

Aware Cloud
10106 Issue: Sometimes, when attempting to download Counts information from Aware Cloud, the download fails. Aware Cloud
9800 Issue: If you attempt to temporarily disable a System rule, the settings are not correctly applied, and the rule continues to generate notifications when triggered. Aware
9773 Issue: If you change the Device group for a camera, the camera is disconnected until the page is refreshed. Aware
9752 Issue: When you attempt to download the Audit log files, you can successfully download All audit logs, but if you attempt to download Recent files or Older than files, it shows as Failed. Aware
9744 Issue: When you attempt to download the diagnostic information from a Cloud Connector, the user interface log files download, but the back end information shows Failed. Aware

Issue: The quality of the audio is sub-optimal when listening back from an audio alarm.

This does not impact the quality of downloaded audio snippets.


Issue: If you follow a link to an Aware Cloud alarm, if you need to log in using SSO, you are taken to the Dashboard, rather than to the Alarms page.

Workaround: Once you have logged into your Aware Cloud deployment, again follow the alarm link to view details of the alarm.

Aware Cloud
9117, 9165 Issue: If you export video and audio files, or view those files from an external link created from your Aware deployment, audio snippets might not be synchronized with the video of the event. Aware

Issue: If you grant user access via the Deployment Management Portal (DMP) for a defined period of time, at the end of that time, access is denied as expected, but the notification is not updated to show the change of state.

Workaround: Refreshing the browser shows the correct access.



8512 Issue: In some circumstances, you might not see the alarm bars for ended alarms in the timeline. Aware
8018 Issue: In some circumstances on a clustered deployment, if you set up a line-crossing rule on one site, and enable it from another site, when the rule triggers and you acknowledge the alarm as False, the alarm is seen on the first site, but not on the site from where it was enabled. Aware
7983 Issue: When using Aware Cloud to configure webhooks from Ava Cloud Cameras, the $url value is not being included in the webhook. Ava Cloud Cameras
7549 Issue: When searching from the Video view timeline on Aware Cloud, when you click the forward or back 1 second icons, the video pauses and the bounding boxes disappear. Aware
6911 Issue: If you set a dewarped panoramic view in Video view, and then move to another Aware tab, occasionally, when you return to Video view, the panoramic view resets to Globe view. Aware
6242 Issue: When attempting to view live or playback video recorded from Ava Cloud Cameras, the playback sometimes stutters and does not progress smoothly. Ava Cameras
6232 Issue: When using the delete recordings function to delete all recordings including bookmarks, all the video and metadata are deleted, but the bookmark items themselves are not removed. Aware

Issue: When requesting an RTSP stream, any camera view rotation that has been configured in Aware is ignored, and the stream uses the rotation settings from the camera.

About: RTSP streams


Issue: The storing of audio from the Ava Cameras microphone arrays is enabled by default.

Workaround: You can disable the recording and storing of audio for the Ava Camera and from the Ava Aware user interfaces.
How to: Set the Ava Camera settings locally and
How to: Edit information for cameras

Ava Cameras

Issue: If you manually change the IP address of your Ava Camera, you are not given any warnings that this will break contact with the camera, and you are not redirected to the new address.

Workaround: After changing the IP address of your camera, manually browse to the new IP address after the camera has rebooted.

Ava Cameras
General Issue: If third-party cameras do not support the multiple streams or the GOP profiles required by the Aware video management system, these incompatibilities might impact the accuracy of the Ava analytics. Aware