Release notes: Ava video security systems 4.9.7

Last modified: Tuesday July 05, 2022.

Learn about new features, bug fixes, and any issues found in testing for the Ava video security systems software.


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About this release

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This Ava video security system release includes software for the:

  • Ava Aware® and Ava Aware Cloud® video management systems
  • Ava Cameras and Ava Cloud Cameras

Installing this release will upgrade Ava Aware® and Ava Aware Cloud® video management systems, and, if needed to maintain feature compatibility, any Ava Cameras associated with your deployment.

Table 1 – Software release details

Release label Release date Software build number
Ava Aware/Ava Aware Cloud software version 4.9.7 Tuesday July 05, 2022 Ava Aware: 4_9_220701_13971
Ava Cameras/Ava Cloud Camera software version 4.9.7 Tuesday July 05, 2022 Ava Cameras: 4_9_220630_16973

These software packages have been released to the Stable Upgrade channel.

What's new

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In this release, Ava Aware provides the following features to the Stable Upgrade channel:

Table 2 – New features in these releases

Feature Description Added in version:
Exclude objects from analytics

If you experience issues where Aware continually makes a false detection (for example, detects a mail box as a person), you can now exclude that object from the analytics. You can exclude these false detections from the Devices tool, and also from Alarms.

How to: Use the Devices tool to exclude an object from analytics
How to: Use the Alarms tool to exclude an object from analytics

Access control updates

When using access control systems integrated with your Ava Aware deployment, you can now set the door state from Video view and Map view.

How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Devices
How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Video view
How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Map view

Additional options for user management

You can configure User groups so that the users cannot access your Aware deployment using the Ava Aware mobile apps.

Configure individual user accounts to lock from a defined future time. This is useful, for example, to configure a user account for an Installation Engineer that will automatically lock after a set number of days.

Also, you can now create User groups that include restrictions on the times that users can sign into your Aware deployment.

How to: Create User groups
How to: Manage Aware user accessHow to: Create User groups


Resolved issues

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These issues have been resolved in this release:

Table 3 – Issues resolved in these releases

Reference Resolution Resolved in version:

A vulnerability has been resolved in Ava Aware.


Ava Support - Video Security Advisories

13196 An issue where selecting the option to Restrict sign in times prevented users from logging in unless All day was selected, has been resolved. 4.9.7
12852 An issue where the calendar was not displaying the correct length of recordings in Playback mode has been resolved. 4.9.7
13107 An issue where, after an Aware upgrade, analytics stopped and no metadata was generated for some ONVIF cameras has been resolved. 4.9.6
13114 An issue where some older Vaion or Ava-branded cameras lost network connections after an upgrade has been resolved.

Contact Ava support for assistance with recovering any impacted cameras.

13037 An issue where Operator users lost permissions to listen to audio has been resolved. 4.9.5
13022 An issue where the unexpected restart of an internal software component in a Cloud Connector could lead to short periods of video not being recorded has been resolved. 4.9.5
12979 An issue where theAware user interface limited the number of characters allowed in email addresses and usernames has been resolved. 4.9.4
12889 An issue where PTZ no longer functioned on cameras where you had set a new preset has been resolved. 4.9.4
12857 An issue where, when webhooks were configured as the action in LPR rules, a webhook was erroneously sent when non-matching license plates were detected has been resolved. 4.9.4
12849 An issue where, when integrating Disruptive Technologies sensors, webhooks were not sent if the Sending Method was configured as From Ava devices has been resolved. 4.9.4
12727 An issue where, in some rare circumstances, the web interface could become unresponsive and freeze has been resolved. 4.9.4
12682 An issue where unknown files were not correctly removed from disk when requested has been resolved. 4.9.4
12503 An issue where video playback might pause several times when the recorded feed is close to the current time has been resolved. 4.9.4
12359 An issue where, when some third-party cameras requested RTSP streams from Aware, after a short time the stream dropped has been further improved by better support for non-standard keepalive methods. 4.9.4
11819 An issue where, when editing the Network interface settings on your Ava Cloud Connector or Ava Appliance, you occasionally saw an error has been resolved. 4.9.4
11168 An issue where, if you left the user interface in the background while Aware upgraded, when you returned to the interface, the icons were missing has been resolved. 4.9.4

Software releases might include minor bug fixes that are not listed in the Resolved issues table.

Known issues

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During testing, we have found the following issues in these software packages.

Table 4 – Known issues found in these releases

Reference Issue Software
12738 Issue: If you have a map in Map view that includes inactive cameras, heatmaps might be the positioned incorrectly on the map. Aware
12437 Issue: If you configure line-crossing rules to match LPR detections on cameras mounted in corridor/portrait modes, the rules do not correctly trigger. Ava Cameras
12292 Issue: Recorded audio is not being played back from cloud backups. Aware
12274 Issue: If you export a video clip that includes audio recordings, the volume of the audio is very low. Aware
12255 Issue: You cannot currently associate an Ava Camera connected to one Cloud Connector with a third party camera with inbuilt or connected speaker attached to another Cloud Connector, or associate an Ava Cloud Camera with a speaker. Aware
11515 Issue: When you edit any of the counts, for example, to add a new camera to an existing counts area, when you save the changes, the counts are briefly set to 0, before displaying the correct counts total. Aware
11454 Issue: When using an External Viewer, if you don't display the streams for 24 hours or more, when you again try to display the viewer, you are prompted for a new one-time password. This could be due to the computer being shut down, or the browser being closed. Aware
10410 Issue: When you export video that includes footage that switches from one resolution to another, there is a small gap between the sections of video. Aware
10087 Issue: When you apply a maximum streaming quality to cameras connected to an Ava Cloud Connector, the setting is ignored, and the maximum available resolution is used. Aware
9752 Issue: When you attempt to download the Audit log files, you can successfully download All audit logs, but if you attempt to download Recent files or Older than files, it shows as Failed. Aware

Issue: If you follow a link to an Aware Cloud alarm, if you need to log in using SSO, you are taken to the Dashboard, rather than to the Alarms page.

Workaround: Once you have logged into your Aware Cloud deployment, again follow the alarm link to view details of the alarm.

Aware Cloud
9165 Issue: If you export video and audio files, or view those files from an external link created from your Aware deployment, audio snippets might not be synchronized with the video of the event. Aware
8018 Issue: In some circumstances on a clustered deployment, if you set up a line-crossing rule on one site, and enable it from another site, when the rule triggers and you acknowledge the alarm as False, the alarm is seen on the first site, but not on the site from where it was enabled. Aware
7983 Issue: When using Aware Cloud to configure webhooks from Ava Cloud Cameras, the $url value is not being included in the webhook. Ava Cloud Cameras
7549 Issue: When searching from the Video view timeline on Aware Cloud, when you click the forward or back 1 second icons, the video pauses and the bounding boxes disappear. Aware
6911 Issue: If you set a dewarped panoramic view in Video view, and then move to another Aware tab, occasionally, when you return to Video view, the panoramic view resets to Globe view. Aware
6242 Issue: When attempting to view live or playback video recorded from Ava Cloud Cameras, the playback sometimes stutters and does not progress smoothly. Ava Cameras
6232 Issue: When using the delete recordings function to delete all recordings including bookmarks, all the video and metadata are deleted, but the bookmark items themselves are not removed. Aware

Issue: When requesting an RTSP stream, any camera view rotation that has been configured in Aware is ignored, and the stream uses the rotation settings from the camera.

About: RTSP streams


Issue: The storing of audio from the Ava Cameras microphone arrays is enabled by default.

Workaround: You can disable the recording and storing of audio for the Ava Camera and from the Ava Aware user interfaces.

How to: Set the Ava Camera settings locally and
How to: Edit information for cameras.

Ava Cameras

Issue: If you manually change the IP address of your Ava Camera, you are not given any warnings that this will break contact with the camera, and you are not redirected to the new address.

Workaround: After changing the IP address of your camera, manually browse to the new IP address after the camera has rebooted.

Ava Cameras
General Issue: If third-party cameras do not support the multiple streams or the GOP profiles required by the Aware video management system, these incompatibilities might impact the accuracy of the Ava analytics. Aware