Cameras for Alta Aware

Last modified: Monday June 10, 2024.

Cameras supported by Alta Aware fall into two groups: cloud-native cameras that use built-in cloud functionality to connect directly to Aware and cameras that require an Avigilon Alta Cloud Connector.

Avigilon cloud-native cameras

  • Avigilon Alta cloud-native cameras
  • Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras

Cloud-connector cameras

  • Avigilon Unity cameras
  • Avigilon Ava cloud-connector cameras
  • Third-party cameras

cameras for alta aware diagram

Avigilon Alta cloud-native cameras

Some Avigilon branded cameras are cloud-native. The Avigilon Alta cameras are supported cloud-native devices. Available in a range of options, including resolutions, retention periods, indoor and outdoor models, IR choices, and mounting hardware, the Avigilon Alta cameras provide the cloud features required to work seamlessly with Alta Aware.

The Avigilon Alta cameras include:

  • H5A Multisensor cameras
  • H6SL Bullet and Dome cameras
Avigilon Alta H5A Multisensor cameras
Avigilon Alta H5A Multisensor cloud-native cameras

Avigilon Alta H6SL cameras
Avigilon Alta H6SL cloud-native camera range

Camera footage storage options

All Avigilon Alta cloud-native cameras are supplied with onboard storage that is configured to provide the retention period for your chosen camera.

Depending on the camera model and resolution, retention of 30, 60, 120, or 365 days is available.

Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras

Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras include multi-sensor, bullet, panoramic, and fixed dome models.

The cameras (with the exception of the Avigilon Ava Quad and the Avigilon Ava Flex cameras) are available with black or white housings.

Avigilon Ava Cameras
The Avigilon Ava cloud-native camera range

Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras provide analytics and video to Alta Aware, where all alerts and events are managed and coordinated. With onboard AI-powered video analytics, bandwidth optimization, advanced video compression, and using AmbarellaTM components, you have the quality of video you need, with reduced bandwidth across your network. Featuring built-in infrared LED illumination, Avigilon Ava cloud cameras are optimized for daytime and low-light video capture.

The cameras are designed in Norway and the UK and manufactured in Taiwan. Designed with cybersecurity in mind, they include Secure Boot to prevent tampering with the device code. All firmware updates are signed and encrypted, ensuring the devices cannot be loaded with malicious firmware to compromise your security.

With ease of installation and mounting in mind, the Avigilon Ava Bullet, Avigilon Ava Dome, and Avigilon Ava 360 cameras feature a removable mounting plate that is fitted before the camera is attached to the mounting plate.

Camera footage storage options

Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras have onboard storage designed specifically for video surveillance use and include options for 30, 60, or 120 days of recorded video retention. They require only a PoE connection to your internet-connected network to be able to communicate with your Aware deployment.

Audio analytics

Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras use built-in microphone arrays and onboard audio analytics to identify and locate audio activity before sending the resultant metadata to Aware for further analysis and the generation of alerts.

Using these inputs, your Alta video security systems can identify events from both the video feeds and the audio metadata sent from the cameras.

Cloud-connector Cameras

Alta Cloud Connectors provide the storage and cloud connectivity for cameras without these features. Using an Alta Cloud Connector, you can combine cloud-native and non-cloud-native cameras in one deployment.

Supported cameras include:

  • Avigilon non-cloud-native cameras, for example, Avigilon Unity H6SL.
  • Avigilon Ava cloud-connector cameras. Most Avigilon Ava cloud cameras includes non-cloud-native variants. These cameras are Ava branded and have no onboard storage
  • Third-party cameras, such as Axis, Hanwha, Pelco, Vivotek, and any ONVIF compliant camera.

For more information, see About: Alta Cloud Connectors.

Avigilon Alta cameras

To be compatible with Alta Aware, Avigilon Alta cloud-native cameras, Avigilon Ava cloud-native cameras, and Avigilon Ava cloud-connector cameras run the Alta camera software.

Avigilon Alta and these documents refer to Alta cameras where features and functionality are common to any of these cameras. Where there is a difference, we refer to the specific range or model as appropriate.