Introducing: Ava video security systems

Last modified: Wednesday August 11, 2021.

The Ava video security systems feature innovative hybrid cloud and on-premise components to create a flexible video solution for the areas you want to protect.

Featuring end-to-end security, always-on analytics and real-time anomaly detection from all connected cameras, the Ava video security systems includes the following components:

  • Ava Aware Cloud® video management system, running in the Ava Cloud.
  • Ava cameras featuring on-board analytics and optionally, integrated video storage.
  • Ava Cloud Connectors™ featuring on-board storage for cameras without integral storage, and providing the always-on analytics and anomaly detection for the video streams from third-party cameras.

For systems not managed from the cloud, you can deploy Ava Cloud Connectors to your network to provide the same analytics and storage capabilities, and to run the on-premise Ava Aware video management system.

Ava video security system components are designed to follow current ONVIF and other industry standards for both cameras and video management system. Cameras and devices from other manufacturers that meet these standards may also be compatible with Ava video security systems.

Ava products

Figure 1 – Ava Video products

Ava cameras — next-generation cameras

Incorporating video feeds and audio metadata for the Aware video management system, Ava cameras are designed to look good, be easy to install and commission, and are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. With high-quality components, these cameras are designed to be vandal-resistant and weather-resistant.

Ava Cameras

Figure 2 – Ava 360 (left) , Compact Dome (center), and Dome (right) cameras

Solving the problem of high bandwidth usage, Ava cameras models use on board AI-based bandwidth optimization to make sure that the detail and resolution you want is available when you need it, but that you are not transmitting and storing unneeded levels of detail when you do not.

Ava cameras

Choose cameras that directly connect to your Ava Aware Cloud deployment, or connect to your on-premise Ava Cloud Connector. All Ava cameras provide the analytics at the edge, but differ in where video data is stored. Directly connected Ava cameras include storage within the camera, while the others rely on the storage of your Ava Cloud Connector.

Always-on analytics

Traditional video surveillance systems rely on finding evidence after the fact – someone tells you that something has happened, so you then search for any evidence of that incident.

With Ava video security systems, you move to a pro-active model, where the Ava analytics tell you what is happening right now, with alerts and alarms to bring these events to your attention. The Ava systems are designed and built around analytics – video analytics are always available from all your Ava and connected third-party cameras, and audio analytics are available (when configured) from all your Ava cameras.

Aware Cloud and Aware video management systems

Available on the Ava Aware Cloud, or as the on-premise Aware video management system that can be run on the Ava Cloud Connectors, Aware provides the features you need in your video management system. Built on a hardened Linux platform, cyber security is designed into the product from the start, not added as an afterthought.

With two-factor authentication, and a proactive focus on ensuring the system remains as secure as possible, you can be confident in the security of your Ava deployments. As the administrator for your Ava Aware deployments, you have complete control over who can access your system — there are no default passwords, and Ava personnel can only access your deployments if you give express permission and enable that access from within your deployment.

Ava Aware Video view

Figure 3 – Ava Aware Video view

Aware provides the features that you need, designed around your day-to-day work-flows to make using Ava video security systems as simple as possible; Aware is at the forefront of video and audio analytics technology, whether you use an Ava Aware Cloud deployment, or prefer to use an on-premise Aware deployment.

Ava Aware mobile apps

By using the Ava Aware mobile apps, you are not tied to your desk to monitor your Ava video security systems; you can still monitor your cameras and receive Alarms whilst patrolling your sites.

Aware on Laptop and Mobile devices

Figure 4 – Ava Aware on laptop and mobile devices

The Ava Aware mobile apps are available for both Android and iOS phones.

Ava Cloud hybrid architecture

The Ava Cloud hybrid architecture includes secure provisioning for ease of setting up your Ava system. System backups from Aware to Ava Cloud enable you to protect and restore your Aware configurations as needed.

With secure remote access to Aware from almost anywhere in the world, you can securely monitor and manage your Ava video security systems wherever you are. You can remotely view both live and recorded streams.

Ava Cloud provides the mechanism for all your Ava video security systems components to have updates for your Ava software and firmware readily available. Signed and verified software and firmware updates are delivered from the Ava Cloud hybrid architecture, ensuring that your Ava video security systems only receives genuine and approved updates.

Whether you use Aware with your on-premise Ava Appliances, or use Aware Cloud with your Ava Cloud cameras and third-party cameras connected to your Ava Cloud Connectors, you have access to the tools you need to protect your estates.

Ava Cloud Connectors

For hybrid deployments where you are using Aware Cloud as your video management system, but want to include your existing third-party cameras and on-premise Ava cameras in the same deployment as your Ava Cloud cameras, the range of Ava Cloud Connectors enables you to view all your cameras — whether Ava Cloud cameras, on-premise Ava cameras, or third-party cameras — in the same view.

Ava Cloud Connectors are available in models to suite from 25 to 200 cameras per server. For larger deployments, additional servers can be added as new clusters to the deployment.

For situations where running a cloud video management system is not an option, Ava Cloud Connectors can be configured to run the on-premise Ava Aware software.

Ava Cloud Connector hardware

With different hardware models available, you can choose the hardware that best suits your current needs, knowing that you can easily expand your Ava video security systems' capabilities at a later date by adding new clusters.

The Ava Cloud Connector 500 model includes the processing required to ensure the always-on analytics and real-time anomaly detection for up to 25 cameras. Storage options are available to meet your retention period requirements.

The Ava Cloud Connector 750 can process, analyze, and store the video from up to 50 cameras.

Ava Appliance 500

Figure 5 – Ava Cloud Connector 500 and Ava Cloud Connector 750

The Ava Cloud Connector 1000 hardware includes the processing and storage needed to run up to 75 cameras.

Ava Appliance 1000

Figure 6 – Ava Cloud Connector 1000

For larger deployments, the Ava Cloud Connector 2000 provides the hardware required to process and store the information from up to 100 cameras. The Ava Cloud Connector 3000 has the capacity to handle up to 200 cameras.

Ava Appliance 2000 and Ava Appliance 3000

Figure 7 – Ava Cloud Connector 2000 and Ava Cloud Connector 3000

Due to the clustered deployment design, you can configure multiple Ava Cloud Connectors to work together to increase the capacity of your Ava video security systems.

Secure by design

All components in the Ava video security systems are designed with cybersecurity in mind.

The Ava cameras include the latest in next generation secure boot technologies for computer vision processing devices.

With factory-installed certificates in all Ava camera models and in the Aware software, camera passwords set at initialization (no default credentials), and always-on encryption for all data-in-transit and stored recordings, Ava video security systems have cybersecurity built in. When using suitable cameras, you can configure the system to encrypt your video streams.

The Aware Cloud and Aware software features role-based access so that only people with the required levels of access can make important configuration changes. System operators have the access they need to complete their day-to-day tasks and activities needed to make sure your staff and sites are safe from intruders and other risks.