About: Aware Devices tool

Last modified: Friday July 24, 2020.

Ava Aware Devices provides the tools you need to get the best out of your cameras, whether they are Ava Cameras models, or cameras from 3rd-party suppliers.

Devices screen

Figure 1 – The Aware Devices tool

By defining configuration profiles, you define the recording quality for cameras using each profile, choose to use Smart recording or to set the times for the cameras to record, and define your retention policy. You can create multiple configuration profiles, so that you can create the ideal balance between quality of video and the storage requirements across the different types of cameras and areas of your sites.

Configure and monitor the status of Anomaly Detection Settings for all your connected devices. You can choose to disable anomaly detection from individual cameras, as well as define the importance of anomalies from each camera, and view the status of the anomaly detection.

Create a single lookup location for the credentials of all your cameras, to simplify the set up of your cameras.

Creating camera groups enables you to manage your groups of cameras in the way that is most logical for you and your sites.

From Devices, you can:

  • Search button — Search for cameras and devices visible to Aware.
    Use the Advanced search options Advanced search options button to filter your search results by your selected category (for example, device Name, View, Manufacturer, or other information that can be used to identify the device).
  • Add button — Add new cameras and devices to Aware.
  • Edit device button — Edit the information for existing cameras and devices.
  • Configuration button — set up Configuration Profiles to define the resolutions, recording modes, and retention policies for cameras assigned to that profile.
  • Anomaly settings button — set up the Anomaly detection settings for your cameras, and monitor the current status of anomaly detection for each camera.
  • Configuration button — Define credentials to be applied to cameras used in your Ava video security systems.
  • Camera group button — Define groups to use when assigning cameras. These might be based around different sites, floors or other ways of grouping cameras that is useful to your circumstances.
  • Full screen button— Show the Devices page in full-screen mode.

When adding cameras to your Aware video management system, two modes are available — active mode and passive mode.

  • In active mode, Aware changes the settings in the camera, for example, creating Onvif profiles that provide the Resolution, fps and GOP settings required by the Ava analytics.
  • In passive mode, no settings are changed. Passive mode is ideal for testing the Aware video management system with cameras that are set up and in use by other video management system, as the camera configurations remains unchanged.

The cameras are organized into groups, which can be based on sites or other ways of grouping cameras, as best fits your organization.

From the Devices list, you can sort the cameras by clicking on any of the column table headers.


Sorting takes place within the camera groups; the camera groups themselves are not sorted when clicking the column headers.

You can also use the search to locate a specific camera, searching across all camera groups and devices to find your search term in any column of the table.

Click on a camera to open the preview pane that shows the view from the camera, as well as all the settings and information relating to that camera. From this preview pane, you can edit the information for the selected camera.