About: Sensor integrations

Last modified: Friday April 29, 2022.

By purchasing sensor integration licenses for the Ava Aware Cloud® deployment, you gain the ability to integrate Aware Cloud with various sensors located within your buildings and sites.

By linking your sensors, such as those produced by IPVideo Corporation or Disruptive Technologies, you gain improved insights into the activities and environmental conditions on site, all displayed in the Aware Cloud user interface alongside your video information, site maps, and, if integrated, your access control points.

Once you have purchased a suitable sensor integration license, you add your chosen sensors to your Aware deployment, link the cameras in the area of the sensors so that you have visibility of the zone around the sensor, and update your Map view to reflect the location of each sensor.

Placing representations of each sensor on the Aware Cloud Map view and associating it with cameras in the area enables the operators to not only see the location of each sensor, but to also view the status and readings from that sensor.


Only live sensor data is available from within the Aware Cloud user interface.

Sensor types suitable for existing integrations with Aware

Sensors from different manufacturers operate in different ways and measure different parameters.

Disruptive Technologies sensors

Disruptive Technologies sensors are single source, single channel devices. Each sensor measures a single parameter, for example, temperature, or proximity. Simply deploy sensors to measure what you want, where you want.

See: About: Aware integration with Disruptive Technologies sensors and How to: Add Disruptive Technologies sensors to Aware Cloud.

Halo sensors from IPVideo Corporation

Halo sensors from IPVideo Corporation measure multiple parameters form a single sensor location. When configuring your Halo sensors, you can select any combination of the parameters available from the physical sensor.

See: About: Aware integration with IPVideo Corporation Halo sensors and How to: Add IPVideo Corporation Halo sensors to Aware Cloud.

Generic sensors

Generic sensors allow the flexibility to integrate with multiple sensors. These support multiple channels all being sent from one unit, for example, multiple probes reporting on a single parameter from different locations. You might, for example, have a temperature probe in every room in your building, but they are all connected to a single device that reports the data from each probe.

See: About: Developing a sensor integration and How to: Add generic sensors to Aware Cloud.