About: Aware Users tool

Last modified: Friday July 24, 2020.

The Ava Aware software provides fine-grained role-based access for your users.

Users screen

Figure 1 – The Aware Users tool

The Aware video management system uses the concepts of Rolesand User groups to enable you to define how your users access and use Aware.

Out-of-the-box, the Aware software includes these Global roles:

  • Administrator - Users with the administrator Global role have full access and control of the Aware software.
  • Operator - Users with operator Global roles have access to the day-to-day features of Aware that enable them to operate and monitor the Ava video security systems. Specifically, the user Operator Global roles include these privileges:

    Table 1 – Default permissions for Global User Operator role

    View serversView users listAdd/Edit device groupsAdd/edit time presets
    Add/Edit serversAdd/Edit usersDelete device groupsDelete time presets
    Delete serversDelete usersAdd/Edit configuration profiles 
    Add/Edit sitesAdd/Edit rolesDelete configuration profiles 
    Delete sitesDelete rolesAdd/Edit credentials 
     Add/Edit user groupsDelete credentials 
     Delete user groups  
     Add/Edit LDAP servers  
     Delete LDAP servers  

You cannot edit the default Global roles, but you can create new Global roles with different permissions, and assign these newly-created Global roles to your User groups.

User groups

Each user of your Ava video security systems is assigned to a User group. The User group defines the Global roles and Roles for all users assigned to that User group. Each User group is linked to one Global role, and can also be linked several Roles.

Specify the access permissions for your users that makes the most sense for your specific Ava installation, whether that be groups based around your sites, or around the access levels for different departments. Using these options, you have full flexibility in defining how users access Aware.

Roles and Global roles

In addition to the default Global roles, you can create your own Global roles and other roles to meet your specific user requirements. Define the permissions available to each role, and then assign these roles to your user groups. In this way, you can define access to your systems to be as simple or as complex as you require.