About: Two-factor authentication in Aware

Last modified: Wednesday May 05, 2021.

Ava Aware® allows you to use two factor authentication (2FA) when logging into your Ava video security cloud systems or Ava video security systems. By using 2FA, you increase account security by adding an additional level of protection. It prevents an attacker from logging in if they learn a users credentials. It also helps to prevent account sharing between different users.

As an Administrator, you can mandate that all users in a User group use 2FA when logging into Aware. If not mandated, then each user can configure their own account to use 2FA.

Once configured, your users use an authenticator app installed on their cellular phone to generate the Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) verification codes needed to log into your Ava deployment.

We recommend your users install either Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator for their iOS or Android devices.

See the following topics for information on configuring two-factor authentication: