About: RTSP streams

Last modified: Friday July 09, 2021.

You can configure the Aware RTSP server for situations where you want to view Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) streams from cameras connected to your Ava Aware or Ava Aware Cloud deployments using an external RTSP media player .

Aware enables you to pull live streams or historical video from the devices connected to your deployment, and to play them using either RTSP or RTSPS (Real Time Streaming Protocol over TLS/SSL) clients.


By default, the firewall rules of your Aware deployment are configured to block RTSP streams.

The RTSP functionality is only available over the local network, and not via the cloud gateway.

You can choose which cameras can be streamed by each RTSP user using the permission system to grant access to individual sites or device groups.

To configure your Aware deployment to allow RTSP streams, and to view those streams from external systems:

  1. Allow RTSP traffic — configure the Aware firewall rules to allow RTSP traffic on your chosen network interface.
    See: How to: Allow RTSP traffic from your Ava Cloud Connectors, and How to: Allow RTSP traffic for your on-premise Aware deployment

    For Ava Cloud Cameras, the task to gather the RTSP stream information includes the steps needed to allow RTSP traffic from the camera.

    See How to: Assemble the RTSP stream information.

  2. Create RTSP stream users — create users and define the cameras to be used to allow external systems to access live or historic RTSP video streams.
    See: How to: Create RTSP stream users
  3. Assemble the stream information — copy the required RTSP stream information and paste it to a text editor, and add any optional parameters.
    See: How to: Assemble the RTSP stream information
  4. Request the camera stream from your preferred RTSP client — From your RTSP media player, request the stream from your selected camera using configuration and information gathered.
    See: How to: Request the camera stream from your preferred RTSP client

    When requesting an RTSP stream, the stream uses the rotation settings from the camera. This means that if you have configured any rotation settings in Aware, these settings are ignored by the RTSP stream.