About: Aware Map view

Last modified: Friday July 24, 2020.

The Map view tool in Aware provides a powerful way to view people or vehicles as they move through your protected areas. In addition to viewing the people and vehicle dots as they move around the map in near-real time, you can also click a person or vehicle dot to view the video stream from the selected camera.

Map view screen

Figure 1 – The Aware Map view tool

When configured to do so, Map view includes the locations of important safety equipment, for example, defibrillators and fire extinguishers. Maps can also be linked together, so that you can conveniently follow a person or a vehicle across multiple maps as they move around your protected areas.

Use the Map view Edit mode to import your site maps and plans into Aware, and to overlay information about your cameras and their fields of view and other important information about your site. For example, identify the fire exits, locations of emergency equipment and other important features. You can link several smaller plans together, to form a complete and detailed view of your premises.

Map view and integrated access control

When you have Access control integration enabled for your Aware deployment, add your access control points to the appropriate positions on each map. By clicking an access control point icon, you are shown a thumbnail from the associated camera, and can manually unlock the door. (If you have multiple cameras associated with an access control point, you can choose the camera to view.)