How to: Edit information for cameras

Last modified: Thursday July 14, 2022.

If you make changes to the camera configurations, for example, if you change the login credentials for your cameras, want to change the Configuration settings or camera groups for your cameras, you will need to update the relevant information from the Aware Devices tool.

For Ava Cameras, you can also enable Secure Shell (SSH) access to your cameras, edit network settings, and choose whether to use the Ava Camera Microphones to record audio, to enable operators to listen to live audio, and to record short clips of audio when an audio detection is made.

You can make these changes to an individual camera, or you can make bulk edit changes to several similar cameras.


By selecting the check boxes for several cameras, you can bulk-set these configurations.

Alternatively, you can change the settings for individual cameras by selecting the relevant camera, and making the changes from the side bar.


Make sure you have the correct details to add to the configuration.

Task — Open the Devices tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, or click the Add new tool button Add new tool button, then select Devices tool button Devices.

    If the Devices tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Edit camera information for a single camera

  1. Select the camera to edit.

    Use the Search button search to find the camera in large lists of devices.

    The side bar for the selected camera opens.

  2. From the Settings area, click Edit settings.
    The Settings dialog opens.
  3. Select the appropriate area:

    The options shown in Aware depend on the type of camera you selected. Not all of the following are available for all cameras.

    • General — information such as the camera name, group and configuration.
    • Connection — information regarding the protocol and media configuration, and the credentials for the camera.
    • Video adjustments — adjustments to the autofocus, video orientation, IR and HDR settings.
    • Analytics configuration — create areas where you want to mask the analytics, so that there are no detections in your masked areas.
    • Privacy area configuration — create privacy areas (for example, any public areas where you are legally not allowed to record video or analytics) for your selected camera.
    • Anomalies — view and adjust settings related to the anomaly detection for your selected camera.
    • Audio settings — (Ava Cameras only) enable Aware to use the microphones from your Ava Camera.

      If Globally limit microphone capabilities in System | Deployment | Settings | Audio is configured as Microphones disabled, then the Devices | Edit settings | Audio settings option is hidden from the Settings dialog and cannot be configured for any camera.

      See How to: Configure the global audio settings for your deployment.


      If Use microphone is disabled, you cannot record audio, allow operators to listen to live audio, use audio analytics for rules or anomalies, or view the microphone sound levels for the selected camera.

      Configure Aware to:
      • Use microphone — this must be enabled allow the use of any audio feature from this camera.
      • Allow live streaming of audio — if live streaming of audio is allowed for the configuration profile used by this camera, enable live audio streaming.
      • Allow recording of audio — if audio recording is allowed for the configuration profile used by this camera, enable recording.

        An Ava Audio recording license is required to enable audio recording or live audio streaming.

    • Stream settings — view information and settings about the video stream from the selected camera.
    • Network & services — (Ava Cameras only) enable Secure Shell (SSH) access to your selected camera, and configure camera data transfer rates.
    • Maintenance — view the maintenance options available to your selected camera.
  4. From Detailed information you can view information about the selected camera.
  5. From Logs and comments, view any logs or comments, or add comments relating to the configuration of the selected camera.

Task — Bulk edit camera information for several cameras

  1. Select the cameras to edit, by hovering over each device of interest, and selecting the checkbox for that device.

    Use the Search button search to find the camera in large lists of devices.

  2. Click the Configure Credentials button edit devices button.
    The Edit dialog opens, displaying information about the selected cameras.
  3. As needed, change the settings for the selected devices.
  4. Click Done.