How to: Upgrade your Ava cameras from Aware

Last modified: Thursday October 27, 2022.

Use the Aware software to manage your Avigilon Ava camera updates. You can also select to update multiple Avigilon Ava cameras to make the process of upgrading your cameras easier to manage and less time-consuming.

Avigilon Ava cameras connected to Alta Aware automatically update whenever Alta Aware receives a software update. The maintenance period for Aware is configured in System > Settings Settings. See How to: Configure Aware deployment settings.

If a software update for your Avigilon Ava cameras is available, an orange notification is shown at the top of the Devices tool.

Task — Update your Avigilon Ava cameras

  1. Choose Tools Open a tool > Devices Devices.
  2. Select the message telling you how many Avigilon Ava cameras are ready for the software update.
  3. From the list of Avigilon Ava cameras to which the update applies, select the cameras to update.
  4. Select Update.
    The firmware for the selected Avigilon Ava cameras is updated. This process might take several minutes.
  5. When all selected Avigilon Ava cameras have updated, choose Close.