About: Aware object counting

Last modified: Friday July 24, 2020.

There are many situations where it is useful to know how many people or vehicles are in a particular area, or that have moved from one area to another. Using the Ava machine learning and object detection, you can configure your Ava video security systems to provide basic and Live object counts.

The Ava object counting features are not guaranteed to be accurate, and provide an indicative measure only. Do not rely on the Ava object counts for safety-critical applications.

Basic object counting

The basic object counting can be shown on the Video view and Map view tools, and shows the number of people and vehicles that are detected by the Ava analytics for each camera (on Video view) or across all cameras shown on each map in Map view.

Basic object counting in Video view

Figure 1 – Basic object counting in Video view

Live Counts tool

For more flexibility on how you set up object counting, use the live Counts tool.

Counts screen

Figure 2 – The Aware Counts tool

You can configure live Counts to sum the Objects in view (people, vehicles, or both people and vehicles) seen by the analytics in the view from one or more cameras. You can also configure Counts for Line crossing, to sum the number of people, vehicles, or both, that cross a line that you have defined on one or more cameras.

Download historic object count information

To enable you to carry out further analysis of the movements of people or vehicles on your sites, you can download the object count information from Aware.

You define the start and end dates and times for the data, and the time interval. This information is then made available as a comma separated variable (.csv) file, which you can use in most commonly available spreadsheet software.