About: Aware Saved Clips tool

Last modified: Friday July 24, 2020.

Use the Saved Clips tool to see the bookmarked clips and shared links that have been created from your Aware video management system

The bookmark facility enables video clips to be marked and made available for yourself or other Administrator or Operator users to review. For example, an operator on the night shift might create a bookmark of some video, and make that footage available for those on the next shift, or for an Administrator to review.

Shared links serve a similar purpose, but can be shared with people that are not set up as users of Aware.

Saved Clips screen

Figure 1 – The Aware Saved Clips tool

All bookmarked clips and shared links are displayed in the Saved Clips tool. This tool displays tables of saved clips for Only my saved clips, Clips shared with me, or All clips.

The Saved Clips tables use the following icons:

Table 1 – Icons used in the Saved Clips tables

Icon Description

Bookmarked video icon

Bookmarked video
Bookmarked video icon Shared bookmark icon Bookmarked video shared with other Aware users
Shared Link icon Shared link to video
Shared Link icon Shared bookmark icon Shared link to video, shared with other Aware users

The bookmark and shared link footage that is shown in Saved Clips complies with the availability criteria that is configured when creating the bookmark or shared link, not the Configuration profile for the camera from which the footage was taken.

So, for example, if a camera is configured to save the video information for 7 days, but the bookmarked clip was configured for Bookmark until: Manually deleted, then the saved clip is available after the other video from the camera is deleted. Check your corporate policies on video data retention before creating bookmarked clips or shared links.

Click any entry in the Saved Clips tables to open the preview pane to see the video clip, the corresponding timeline, and General information about the video clip.

From the preview pane, you can also edit the bookmark, export or create a shared link to the footage, or delete the bookmark.