Introducing: Ava Aware video management system

Last modified: Friday September 18, 2020.

The Ava Aware video management system is available as an on-premise system running on Ava Appliances, or as an Ava Aware Cloud deployment.

Feature-wise, being based on the same software code, Aware and Aware Cloud are similar, with the exception of Aware Cloud not needing any of the Appliances tools used for managing the on-premise Ava Appliances, as the Aware Cloud infrastructure is managed on your behalf by Ava Security. The Aware Cloud is enabled by Ava Security or approved Ava partners using the Ava Deployment Management Portal. When you use Aware Cloud, Ava Security and your Ava partners can monitor the system health of your Ava video security systems, resolving any issues often before you notice them.

The Ava Aware software provides the features needed for your video surveillance system. Using the latest standards to integrate your security cameras, Aware provides advances in machine learning, implementing video analytics and handling the audio metadata from your Ava Cameras.

With many features, including:

  • Video view – Create your preferred views, by customizing the layout and cameras to display. Alternatively, you can select previously configured views.
  • Spotlight – pin several cameras to the same Video view pane, and Aware automatically rotates the views.
  • Map view – upload your floor plans and create detailed maps of the areas protected by your cameras and devices.
  • Smart Presence – view your site maps and see where objects (people, vehicles) are as they move around your protected areas.
  • Rules – create rules to generate alerts based on specified cameras (or camera groups), audio or visual events, and other selection criteria.

Role-based access

Ava Aware allows user role-based access to be defined. Administrators and operators have the tools and access they need to create and operate a secure video surveillance system, and to proactively protect your staff and premises with alerts and alarms.

Designed around your daily work-flows

With innovations in the usability of the Aware software based around the tasks you perform daily, coupled with the advanced analytics and anomaly detection provided by the Ava machine learning and artificial intelligence in both the Ava Cameras and the Aware software, the Ava video security systems is your first choice for implementing modern video surveillance and detection systems.

From your Aware user interface, you can see health monitor information and see the state of your cameras.

Aware Devices tool

Figure 1 – Aware Devices tool

View and take action on alerts and alarms directly from the Aware user interface, so that you don't miss events.

Aware Video view

Figure 2 – Aware Video view

The Smart Presence timeline enables you to watch feeds from your chosen camera in real-time, or to review footage using play-back.

Aware Smart Presence

Figure 3 – Aware Video view page featuring Smart Presence timeline

View your site or floor plans in the Aware Map view page, and, using Smart Presence, see where detected objects (people or vehicles) are in real-time.

Aware Map view featureing Smart Presence

Figure 4 – Aware Map view page featuring Ava Smart Presence