About: Aware Appliances tool

Last modified: Tuesday October 20, 2020.

Monitor and manage the Ava Appliances that run the Aware video management system.

Appliances screen

Figure 1 – The Aware Appliances tool

From the Appliances tool, check the versions of the server App and Platform, as well as check the number of devices connected, and how many Hard Disk Drives are configured. Manage the certificates, download log bundles (for use by the Ava technical support team), and back up your configurations. Also use the Appliances tool to configure communications between your Ava video security systems and your email system, to enable your Ava system to send email notifications as a selectable option when configuring rules.

From the Network area of the Appliances tool, you can check the hostname for your appliance and can monitor the status, speed and IP addresses of the interfaces.

The Appliances tool also provides access to detailed information about the storage on your appliances, including the number of disks, the size and status of each disk and the free space available.

You can also view details about your appliance groups, and manage the syslog servers you use to monitor your appliances.

The Appliances tools provide you with the options to set up your Ava video security systems to best suit your organization and estate.

Cluster options

Configure all your Ava Appliances into a cluster to create a single Ava video security systems deployment that covers multiple physical sites or offices. Each cluster can contain up to five Server Groups, each containing an individual Ava Appliance.

Use the Cluster options to set the global setting to apply to your Ava Appliances. These settings include the external URL used to access your Aware software for all Ava Appliances within the cluster. Configure the syslog servers to be used to monitor your Ava Appliances, and details of your SMTP servers used to enable email notifications from your Ava video security systems.


Global cluster settings can be overwritten for individual servers from the relevant server groups.

Ava Cloud settings

By enabling remote access on your Ava servers, you can connect to your Ava system from across the internet. This means that you do not necessarily have to be connected directly into your network to view the feeds or manage your Ava video security systems.

Sites settings

If you have multiple sites being protected within a cluster, use the Sites settings to link your Ava Appliances to the physical sites that they protect. As well as providing a convenient method of grouping your appliances and devices, it also links into the Users tool, to provide you with the ability to assign access rights to your employees based on the sites that they monitor.