How to: Use the Alarms tool to exclude an object from analytics

Last modified: Monday May 09, 2022.

On occasion, you might get a repeated, or continuous false detection in a camera view. For example, the Ava analytics might classify a mail box as a person.

If this occurs, you can exclude that object from future detections from within the Alarms tool.

Task — Open the Alarms tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, or click the Add new tool button Add new tool button, then select Alarms tool button Alarms.

    If the Alarms tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Exclude the falsely detected object

  1. Select the alarm that includes the falsely detected object.

    When the number of Alarms or Events exceeds a multiple of 100, a new page is created.


    For deployments with multiple configured Sites, only Alarms for the currently expanded Site are displayed.

    Use the Search for devices button search to find the alarm or event of interest. Use the Advanced search options Advanced search options button to filter your search results by your selected category (for example, Alarm name, Type, Camera, View, or other information that can be used to identify the specific Alarm or Event).

    The side pane opens, with information relevant to the type of alarm or event.

  2. From General Info, click Exclude false detections.
  3. Click the object to exclude from analytics.
  4. If Do not show this again has not previously been selected, review the provided information about excluded objects. Click Exclude.

    A thumbnail of the selected object is shown below the camera view.


    Hover the cursor over a thumbnail to show the location and information about of the excluded object in the camera view.

  5. Click Done.