How to: Get started with the Ava Aware API

Last modified: Tuesday February 23, 2021.

Alarms provide you with information about the rules you have created that have been triggered. Events provide similar information for activities that the Aware machine learning has detected as being unusual and worthy of further investigation.


To view detailed information and log files about your Access control points, use the Devices tool.


  • For Alarms and System events to be visible, you must have some Rules configured.
  • For Anomalies to be visible, the Aware software must have completed its initial machine learning process.
  • For Access events to be visible, you must have access control integration configured with on your Ava Aware deployment, and have created some access control rules.

Task — Open the Alarms tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, then select Search tool button Alarms.

    If the Alarms tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — View the Alarms in Aware

  1. Select either Alarms, Anomalies, Access, or System.
    The relevant information is displayed.

    When the number of Alarms or Events exceeds a multiple of 100, a new page is created.


    For deployments with multiple configured Sites, only Alarms for the currently expanded Site are displayed.

    Use the Search for devices button search to find the alarm or event of interest. Use the Advanced search options Advanced search options button to filter your search results by your selected category (for example, Alarm name, Type, Camera, View, or other information that can be used to identify the specific Alarm or Event).

  2. Click on the alarm or event of interest.
    The side pane opens, with information relevant to the type of alarm or event.
  3. For alarms or events that include video:
    Hover over the video to display the additional controls. These include:
    • Maximize video clip button — Maximize the video clip, showing both the video and the map view of this activity.
    • Zoom video slider — Zoom in to see more detail in the video clip.
    • Playback speed and direction slider — Zoom in to see more detail in the video clip.
    • Play video button — Play the video.
    • Drag the timeline, or use the mouse wheel to zoom the timeline to show the information of interest.
  4. View the General information about the activity, for example, information about the Camera, View, Access Control Point, Event, or Action.

    For Sound alarms, if you have configured your Ava Cameras to Use microphones for analytics and Record audio alarms, you also have the option to download the short audio snippet of the alarm.

  5. Optionally, add an Acknowledgment, marking the activity as Valid or False.
  6. View information about the Logs and comments, and, optionally, add a comment to the activity.