How to: Install your A500, A750, or A1000 hardware

Last modified: Thursday November 03, 2022.

To enable you to use your existing third-party cameras with Ava Aware Cloud, or to run an on-premise Ava Aware deployment, install your Ava Cloud Connector 500, Ava Cloud Connector 750, or Ava Cloud Connector 1000 hardware into your network.

The Ava Cloud Connector 500, Ava Cloud Connector 750, and Ava Cloud Connector 1000 servers are supplied in a workstation form-factor, so do not require rack-mounting. The servers can be installed vertically or laid on their side, as best suits your environment.

If required, the Ava Cloud Connector 1000 servers can be fitted with a optional rack-mount kit. Speak to your Ava sales partner for more information.

The Ava Cloud Connector 500, Ava Cloud Connector 750, and Ava Cloud Connector 1000 servers are fitted with case alarms.

If the case is opened while the server is running, an audible alarm sounds, and the server shuts down. This could cause a loss of data.

On replacing the case, the server restarts and runs diagnostics before running the Ava software.

Do not open the server case unless advised to do so by your Ava technical support representative. Opening the case without prior authorization could invalidate your warranty.

Task — Physical installation

  1. Unpack your server and its ancillary parts from the box.

    As the Ava Cloud Connectors are designed to be network-detectable and managed using the web interface, a keyboard and monitor are not required when setting up or using the server.

  2. Locate the suitable power cable for your region, and connect your Ava Cloud Connectors to your electrical supply.

    Do not switch on the power yet.

  3. Connect a network cable (not provided) to one of the Ava Cloud Connector network interfaces and to your network switch.
  4. Switch on the power, and allow the Ava Cloud Connector to complete its boot sequence.
  5. From a Windows machine connected to the same network as your Ava Cloud Connector, browse to the address on the server label using Chrome or Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based).

    The server address is in the format: ava-<serial>.local. This information is included in the Ava Cloud Connector packaging.

  6. Claim your Cloud Connector from your Ava Aware Cloud deployment. See How to: Claim your Ava Cloud ConnectorAva Appliance
    Alternatively, to configure your Cloud Connector as an on-premise , see How to: Configure your on-premise Ava Appliance for the first time.