Introducing: The Aware Deployment Management Portal

Last modified: Monday August 01, 2022.

While customers retain full control of their Aware Cloud deployments, the Aware Deployment Management Portal (DMP) provides Ava Security and its partners with the ability to help manage those deployments.

Only Ava Security or Ava partners need access to the DMP. If you are an approved Ava partner, Ava Security will provide you with the necessary access credentials.

See Logging into the Aware Deployment Management Portal

Key features include:

  • Easily create and manage your customers' deployments and keep track of important contact information.
  • Quickly access important system information to monitor deployment health and help troubleshoot issues.

  • Enter directly into your customers' deployments (if they have enabled access).

  • Monitor license usage and assign license packs to your customers' deployments.

  • Associate existing Aware Cloud or on-premises deployments to your own organization.