How to: Add Feenics access control platform to Aware

Last modified: Thursday December 10, 2020.

By integrating Ava Aware and your Keep by Feenics access control platform, you have all the tools and features to display your access control events in the Aware user interface alongside the video and map information from the cameras near each access control point. In addition, you can configure Aware so that your operators can remotely open doors from within the Aware user interface.


Ensure that the Feenics access control system has been configured, a dedicated user account has been created, and that you have the following information available:

  • The name to be used within Aware to refer to the access control system.
  • The Feenics instance name.
  • The remote username and remote password needed to log into the dedicated user account on your Feenics access control system, specifically for Aware.

Task — Open the Devices tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, then select Devices tool button Devices.

    If the Devices tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Add a Feenics access control platform

  1. Click the Access Control tab.
  2. Click the Access servers button button.
  3. Click the Add devices button Add new server button.
    The Add access control systems dialog opens.
  4. Select Feenics from the Provider dropdown.
  5. Enter the System Name.
    This is the name used to refer to the access control system from within Aware.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the Remote Username and Remote Password for the user account created for the Ava Aware integration in Feenics.
  8. Specify the Instance name for the Feenics instance that you want to connect to Ava Aware.
  9. Click Add.