How to: Add access control points to Map view

Last modified: Wednesday October 21, 2020.

Add your access control points to Map view to provide your operators with information and feedback from your access control system.


Ensure that you have added your access control system and your access control points to Ava Aware.

Task — Open the Map view tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, or click the Add new tool button Add new tool button, then select Map view button Map view.

    If the Map view tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Add your access control point icons

  1. To edit the Map view, toggle the view mode to show:
    Edit mode button
    Edit mode is enabled.
  2. Expand the Maps area.

    If you cannot see the left-hand pane, click the Sidebar button button.

  3. Select the map to update with access control point icons.
  4. Expand the Access Control Points area.
  5. Drag the relevant access control point to its representative position on the map.
  6. Toggle the mode to view Edit mode button.
    When you hover over an access control point icon, a thumbnail of the camera view is displayed, with the overlay showing the name of the access control point, the camera name and the unlock icon.