How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Devices

Last modified: Monday August 01, 2022.

Normally, it is likely that you want all your doors to be accessible to authorized card holders. However, there could be situations where this might not apply, for example, during a company shutdown, or during the COVID pandemic, you might want to close an office, and have a force lock on some or all doors. On other occasions, for example if you are allowing a group of visitors to easily access a particular area, you might want a force unlock on one or more doors.

These changes to how doors are accessed are controlled from the Devices tool, and also from the Video view and Map view tools.
See How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Video view and How to: Remotely set the access mode for a door from Map view.

Task — Open the Devices tool

  1. Log in to your Ava Aware deployment.
  2. Click New tool from the tool ribbon, or click the Add new tool button Add new tool button, then select Devices tool button Devices.

    If the Devices tab is already open, click the tab to view the page.

Task — Define the Access mode

  1. Select the Access Control tab.
    All your access control points are listed.
  2. Select the access control point you want to edit.

    You can select multiple access control points and edit them simultaneously.

  3. From the right-hand information bar, use the Access mode dropdown to select your preferred locking mode. The options are:
    • Default provider state
    • Force Unlocked Override
    • Force Locked Override
    All selected doors are moved to your chosen accessibility criteria.
  4. Note

    Choosing Force Unlocked Override removes access control from the selected doors.

    Choosing Force Locked Override means that the selected doors are physically locked and cannot be opened by presenting a badge or card to the card reader.

  5. Click Done.